Sailor Beware (1956)

Director: Gordon Parry
Screenwriter: Falkland L. Cary, Philip King
Starring: Peggy Mount, Cyril Smith, Shirley Eaton, Ronald Lewis
Release details: Independent Film Distributors, UK 1956, 81mins
Full details: IMDb
Genre: British comedy
Rating: Not rated

Entertaining British B-movie about young sailor Lewis returning home to marry his sweetheart (Eaton) and the upheaval this causes both families.

Michael Caine makes an uncredited screen appearance as one of the sailors on Lewis's ship.


Ronald Lewis was in both Michael Caine's 1956 films - this and A Hill in Korea (as Private Wyatt).

Renamed Panic in the Parlor for its US release, so it wouldn't be confused with the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film of the same name released four years earlier.

Shirley Eaton is most famous for being the Bond girl painted gold in Goldfinger, but went on to a career as a Hammer horror scream queen.

Something drastic happened to this film, which was 103 minutes when submitted to the BBFC for classification in 1956, and ended up losing 20 minutes. No details are available on why the cuts were made.


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