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Director: John Mackenzie
Screenwriter: Timothy Prager
Starring: Michael Caine, Michael Keaton, Judith Godreche, Rade Serbedzija
Release details: First Look Pictures, UK/FRA 2001, 94mins
Full details: IMDb
Genre: Thriller
Rating: not rated

Press release info:

When a New York banker (Keaton) flies to the south of France to investigate why extensive sums of money are being deposited from an offshore affiliate bank, he discovers a lot more than he had bargained for. What appears to be routine investigation becomes a consuming web involving a washed-up international film star (Caine), and a test of survival that pushes him to the brink.

This film marks Caine's third outing for director Mackenzie, following The Honorary Consul (AKA Beyond the Limit) and The Jigsaw Man.

Status: buried

Owners First Look Media (and their international distribution arm Overseas Films) hawked this film around the various European festivals in 2002 - Cannes, Venice, etc - but to no avail.

We did get this info from Oliver Koberstein by email:

I thought I just let you know that Quicksand has seen the light of day indeed. Last week I went into our local video store in Marburg, Germany, and there it was, Quicksand on DVD. I had to watch it of course and was very much disappointed I am afraid. Possibly it has gone straight to video or in this case DVD. Besides the German track there was also the original English track on it.


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