A Hill in Korea

Director: Julian Amyes
Screenwriter: Ian Dalrymple (from a Max Catto novel)
Starring: George Baker, Harry Andrews, Stanley Baker, Robert Shaw, Michael Caine
Release details: British Lion Films, UK 1956, 81mins
Full details: IMDb
Genre: Korean War drama
Rating: not rated

[Alternative US title: Hell in Korea]

A small UN patrol is sent to scout a Korean Village and gets cut off by two Chinese battalions. Facing almost insurmountable odds, they decide to stand and fight.

Notable for Michael Caine's first screen performance (as Private Lockyer, making only a brief appearance) and Robert Shaw's second. Caine and Stanley Baker would be reunited in Zulu.


Michael Caine had served in the Korean War as part of his national service, so was employed in the dual roles of actor and technical advisor. He was paid the princely sum of £150 per week for his combined duties, even though he ended up doing very little of either.

George Baker is better known as Inspector Wexford on ITV's The Ruth Rendell Mysteries.


The US Department of Defense has a 50th anniversary site for the Korean War. For info on all the UN participants, try

Robert Shaw has a page at Of course, he also starred in From Russia With Love as SPECTRE agent Donald Grant. CNN have nominated the film as a Cold War Classic and this page features a picture of Shaw in that role.