Status Report

These are just some meaningless stats on the films watched and reviewed.

Date added

Best of the bunch

George Clooney as Danny Ocean

Gratuitous picture of George Clooney

Darrow, which features Kevin Spacey on top form. I also liked The Magic Bubble, because it featured a young George Clooney and I'm biased when it comes to George.

Worst of the bunch

Legend of the Mummy 2 (AKA Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy). At the time of writing, it remains the worst film I have ever seen. Of course, I couldn't actually sit through Cyborg 3, so maybe it's worse than Legend 2, but I can't really comment.

Most Oscars per film

If there are craft people who have worked on these movies and won Oscars, then my apology for not highlighting their shame in being associated with such fine films. I've confined myself to writing, directing and acting Oscars.

The lead is currently tied by two films which each feature two actors with three awards between them:

  • Darrow - Kevin Spacey (Best Supporting Actor, The Usual Suspects, 1995; Best Actor, American Beauty, 1999) and Chris Cooper (Best Supporting Actor, The Hours, 2002).
  • The Whistleblower - Michael Caine (Best Supporting, 1987, Hannah and Her Sisters; Best Actor, 2000, Cider House Rules) and Sir John Geilgud (Best Supporting, 1982, Arthur)

Other films featuring Oscar-winners:

  • Split Decisions - Gene Hackman, 2 Oscars (Best Actor, 1972, The French Connection and Best Supporting, 1993, Unforgiven)

Actors appearing in more than one film

So far, only one: Craig Sheffer (Split Decisions and Fire on the Amazon).


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