The Movie Archive

  • Doctor in the House (1954)
    First and best of the long-running 'Doctor' series sees a young Dirk Bogarde as a medical student under the tutelage of the peerless James Robertson Justice.
  • A Cut Above AKA Gross Anatomy (1989)
    Another medical comedy, this time with Matthew Modine, except that it doesn't have the charm of Doctor in the House and it's not actually funny.
  • Bats (1999)
    Pesky military scientists have been mutating bats and it's up to Lou Diamond Phillips to save the world. Pity he couldn't save this dog of a horror flick.
  • Murder Ahoy (1964)
    The final film in MGM's Miss Marple series starring the irrepressible Margaret Rutherford is a disappointment compared to its predecessors, but still offers some quality.
  • The Liquidator (1964)
    Rod Taylor and Jill St John offer a variation on Bond and Moneypenny with this sixties spoof which sees them having to foil - you guessed it - an Eastern European terrorist plot (although not for world domination).

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50 Film Challenge:
I got a DVD player plus 50 films for Christmas in 2002. The best present in the world. Ever. Not the best films in the world, ever, though. This is my attempt to watch and review all 50 (for what's been added recently, check out the stats page).

All Films A-Z:
Well, there's not much mistaking what that could mean. It's all films reviewed on this server, listed A-Z. Some already appear on the Citizen Caine part of this site.

All Films by decade:
This isn't getting any harder to figure out, is it?

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